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Returner dilemma

Your job and career questions answered

I have recently received information about returning-to-teach courses from the Teacher Training Agency. I qualified abroad and never taught in a school here. I have been applying for jobs but am fed up going to see schools to hear the same comment: "Oh, but you have no experience." Would a returners' course help?

It might, but it depends on other factors. You do not say whether you are a primary or secondary teacher, what subject you can teach, or whether you have been teaching the national curriculum overseas. These factors will affect your employability.

The advantage of a returners' course is that it will bring you into contact with specialists who know the employment market and help you identify the shortcomings that have resulted in you being turned down for lack of experience. As an alternative, for quick hands-on experience in British schools, talk to your local supply agencies to see if they have any work.

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