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Reunited with the facts of Eliot;Letter

The preview of TS Eliot's The Family Reunion (Friday Magazine, TES June 18) at the Swan Theatre, Stratford upon Avon, contains several inaccuracies.

It states that Agatha, Violet and Ivy are Harry's sisters. Harry has no sisters. Agatha, Violet and Ivy are his mother's younger sisters and are therefore Harry's aunts.

Gerald and Charles are his uncles - (brothers of his deceased father) - not Harry's half-brothers as the review states.

Finally, Harry, his aunt Agatha and Downing (Harry's manservant) are not the only members of the extended family to see The Furies, as the item suggests.

This collection of muddled facts is the sort of thing that could "throw" a student who happens to read this just before going into an English literature exam.

I saw a preview of The Family Reunion at the Swan Theatre recently and would recommend this production to anyone wondering whether to see it.

Hazell Hills

16 Holton Street

Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire

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