Revealed: Coronavirus in England’s schools area by area

Data collected from 62 authorities for Tes investigation reveals huge disparity in school Covid cases between different parts of the country

Amy Gibbons and John Roberts

The proportion of Covid cases in schools across England is revealed in new data compiled by Tes today.

The extent to which Covid-19 has affected schools across England is shown in new data compiled by Tes today.

Figures provided by 62 education authorities across England reveal a big disparity in the proportion of schools in different areas that have had pupils or staff test positive for coronavirus.

In total, at least one in three schools have had Covid cases this term, across the areas that provided figures.

Exclusive: One in three schools have had Covid cases this term

Revealed: Rate of Covid test positivity among teachers

Pressure: Schools face 'unsustainable' burden because of Covid

Tes asked all local authorities across England how many schools in their area have had Covid cases since the start of term.

Sixty-two councils covering all nine government regions responded.

The figures provided are below. Some authorities have only provided figures for September, so the number and proportion of schools with Covid cases in these areas are now likely to be higher.

Covid cases in schools this term by local area

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