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Revealed: New entries in the DfE’s academy leaders rich list

32 academy trusts make debut on DfE list of organisations paying at least one person more than £150,000

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32 academy trusts make debut on DfE list of organisations paying at least one person more than £150,000

Dozens of academy trusts pushed senior pay above £150,000 at a time of growing concern about high executive salaries, a new DfE document suggests.

The DfE has published a list of 125 academy trusts that it said paid at least one person more than £150,000 in 2016-17.

A Tes comparison of this list with last year’s equivalent, which named 121 academy trusts, revealed that 32 appeared among highest-payers for the first time.

The trusts on the latest £150,000 list would have made decisions about pay at a time of growing controversy about the issue.

In March 2016, Ofsted’s then-chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw branded the salaries of some academy CEOs who received more than the prime minister’s £142,500 as a “poor use of public money”.

In a letter to the DfE followed inspections of some England’s biggest academy trusts, he wrote: “Salary levels for the chief executives of some of these MATs do not appear to be commensurate with the level of performance of their trusts or constituent academies.

“The average pay of the chief executives in the seven trusts is higher than the prime minister's salary, with one chief executive's salary reaching £225,000.”

The previous month, Sir Dan Moynihan, chief executive of the Harris Federation, came under fire after it was revealed his salary had risen to up to £400,000.

In addition to the 32 new entries in the 2016-17 list, a further six trusts appeared in the lists in both years, but under different names, while Hillyfield Primary School was replaced by REAch2 after the salary of Sir Steve Lancashire was for the first time listed in the accounts of the latter instead of the former.

The 32 academy trusts that entered the DfE’s list of those paying at least one person more than £150,000 for the first time in 2016-17 are as follows:

  • Aston Community Education Trust
  • Bacon's College
  • Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust
  • Cockburn Multi Academy Trust
  • Community Academies Trust
  • Core Education Trust
  • Delta Academies Trust
  • Enfield Learning Trust
  • Eynsham Partnership Academy
  • Future Academies
  • Great Academies Education Trust
  • Greater Manchester Academies Trust
  • Hartismere Family of Schools
  • Inspirational Learning Academies Trust
  • John Port School
  • Kent Catholic Schools' Partnership
  • Mowbray Education Trust Limited
  • North East Learning Trust
  • Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy Trust
  • Polymat
  • South Farnham Educational Trust
  • The Aylesbury Vale Academy
  • The College Academies Trust
  • The Laurus Trust
  • The Park Federation Academy Trust
  • The Spencer Academies Trust
  • The Two Counties Trust
  • The White Horse Federation
  • Transforming Lives Educational Trust
  • Wellspring Academy Trust
  • Wembley Multi Academy Trust
  • Windsor Academy Trust

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