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Review: ICT diary - online safety

While concerns surrounding the safety of the internet have not quite reached the pitch of panic sustained by the video nasty scare in the Eighties, it's an issue that rumbles on.

The latest guidance from the Department for Education and the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta) advises schools to use whole-class rather than individual email addresses for external communications.

Use of photographs, identifying safe chatrooms and filtering systems are also covered on the site at .

Sometimes despite everyone's best intentions, children find a way to circumvent the barriers that adults impose. The canny ones even manage to profit from it.

But in general the message of internet security has largely been heard in schools. However, to really have any effect Becta, the DfEE and other organisations need to get the message through to parents.

A full version of this appears in this week's Friday magazine in The TES

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