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Reviews in this week's Friday magazine

Blur of passion and colour This year's Music for Youth extravaganza flashed by in a thrilling mix of musical styles, old and new, from around the world. Tom Deveson captures the highlights

Lifelong learning: Rural education comes in from the cold Landscapes of learning: lifelong learning in rural communities , edited by Fred Gray, reviewed by Colin Hynson: "Rural issues have forced their way up the political agenda... the reason is that the countryside is in crisis."

Going out: Harry's back with Romeo and Juliet Pottermania hits the screens, but there are other equally magical offerings, writes Heather Neill

Get a life: When you're suddenly at a loss for words Karen Gold talks to Sue Gilpin, who left teaching after a stroke but is again making language work for her.

Plus : Watch this, try this, life coach, get away, treats.

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