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Revise and learn

NOW that the Higher Still exams are getting under way, it is surely time for schools and the Scottish Qualifications Authority to review the arrangements as they affect pupils.

My daughter has been doing unit tests right up to the start of the exams. There has not been proper time for revision and the refocusing of attention that a review of what has been learnt during the session should bring.

The whole year has been one hurdle after another. Where is the education in all this? The SQA has lost sight of the real purpose of he senior years in school. Or is it the Government that has put on the pressure obsessed as it is with targets and the ticking of boxes?

After an unsatisfactory experience during the session comes the exam period itself. The SQA claims that only a few pupils are disadvantaged through the chance that their papers come one on top of another.

First, disadvantage is what the SQA also claims continually to combat. Second, from what I hear, the "few" are in fact quite a number.

Joyce Cameron

Clarkston, Glasgow

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