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Revolting students

On the retro theme, it's back to the mid-70s and further tales of revolution at Moray House.

The old radicals, as we reported last week, are planning a bash to commemorate what The TESS dubbed at the time "perhaps the best campaign ever mounted by any students in Britain".

Sandy Ross, then student leader and more recently boss of Scottish Television, has been recalling the momentous days that rocked, er, Moray House. Prime Minister Jim Callaghan, in Edinburgh, dismissed the sit-in with the gibe: "Tell them to go down to the Job- centre".

The comrades duly set off en masse for the local Jobcentre. "The Prime Minister sent us," they told baffled officials.

"It was one of the most amazing three to four weeks of my life," Ross remembers.

Radical Ross has never lost his revolutionary fervour and, during his time with STV, introduced such visionary programming as Wheel of Fortune and Win, Lose or Draw to the national screens, which really set the proletarian juices running.

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