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Rhetoric does not address compulsion

I WAS very interested to read the article by Carol Adams, chief executive of the General Teaching Council (TES, November 3) and I wholeheartedly agree with the points that she makes.

However, as somebody who joined the profession some 30 years ago, I have heard similar encouraging rhetoric from many people before her, on numerous occasions. I wonder how Carol Adams is going to succeed where countless others have failed?

This unsubstantiated rhetoric is one reason why I object very strongly to being told that I must join the GTC, on top of which I also have to pay for this dubious privilege. What do with my hard-earned money should be determined by me alone and not some government quango.

Like Tony Blair, I too have to make donations to my children's school to supplement their funds. Throughout my teaching career, I have been obliged to support various fund-raising activities by giving up my free time as well as by dipping into my own pockets.

The message is clear, our education system is grossly underfunded and as a teacher and parent I am having to subsidise it continuously.

Andrew FG Krajewski

Head of science

Wye Valley school

Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

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