Rhythm and cues

Ages 8 to 11

I have used this music activity on rhythm across key stage 2. Choose "musically interactive" from the music section of the KS2 resources on www.ngfl-cymru.org.ukvtc-home.htm.

Select warm-up clapping games from the site to suit the age and ability of your class.

Split the class into four groups. Tell the first group to say the word "tea" and hold it for a count of four. Get the second group to say "coffee", holding each syllable for a count of two. Give the third group "pop" to say on each count and the fourth group can say "Coca-Cola", with each syllable counting as a half beat.

Introduce each group one at a time and try to get them all keeping in time.

For the plenary allow some of the children to come out and conduct the class.

You can extend this activity by letting each group devise its own word rhythm piece on different themes

Elizabeth Smith is a primary teacher on a short career break

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