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Riding on a riddle

BY the time young mountain bikers reach checkpoint 3 on Trailquest in Leanachan Forest on the Ben Nevis massif they will have a good idea about the answer to this riddle: "Cold on your face, ruffled hair. Dry leaves dancing, no one there." Who am I? Since this is the West Highlands, the answer could possibly be blowing in the wind.

Trailquest is orienteering on a bike and has been devised by Forest Enterprise to introduce children to the area's rich natural history. Bike-borne explorers set up their maps just above the Nevis Range gondola station and head for 35 kilometres of open but rough trail.

Riddles allude to the creation of wildlife, rock and trees and lead students into the impact of mountaineers and stalkers on the terrain. For information contact Alan Gale on 01397 702184. Photograph by Gerry McCann

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