Right place for gifted pupils

Tes Editorial

IT PLEASES me that the Government has at last deemed it politically correct to recognise the existence of gifted children by setting up an advisory group on "early identification and support" (Friday, September 25). But the image conveyed on the cover only seeks to reinforce the notion that gifted children are odd.

The tragedy is that the initiative has come too late for those in the education system now, many of whom have suffered terrible psychological problems. My son is one of these casualties.

Our solution has been the discovery of Cademuir school in Dumfriesshire, for gifted children who can no longer cope with mainstream schooling.

Here they are able to heal and rediscover their self-esteem and love of learning which have been hammered out of them by conventional teaching methods. Perhaps the Government should look to this school and its staff for the way forward.

Jacqueline Lee, Duncreggan, Moniaive, Dumfriesshire.

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Tes Editorial

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