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Right team makes the difference

I am fortunate that the Office for Standards in Education inspection of my school was a most positive experience. Our report set us a realistic agenda and the constructive comments have inspired us to strive for a genuine school improvement.

This is not an endorsement for a flawed system but a reflection of the quality of the registered inspector and his team from our local education authority. It is no coincidence that schools inspected by teams from our LEA emerge from the process in a more positive frame of mind and have been able to take on board critical comments in a more positive way. This is because we know we will get support from an LEA which values and developes its teaching force.

Cynics would probably conclude that this is too cosy an arrangement. My own school's inspection was monitored by an HMI which added to the feeling of rigour. It was a fair challenge to which we all rose. Therefore we had great confidence in the accuracy of the judgments, particularly in the clarity of the written report.

DAVID STEPHENSON 3 Groveland Road Speen Newbury Berks

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