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The right way into reception

The newspapers reported the chief inspector of schools' concern about how unprepared some five-year-olds are to enter school.

In 1994 I wrote a pamphlet to help prepare children for school and tried to get it taken up in maternity wards. It was brief and carefully worded, and the initial response from the authorities was good, but others felt the new mother had sufficient to occupy her.

I continue to think what better time to communicate with new or young mothers at a time when they have the highest hopes.

Fairly soon after that, the Labour Government came to power and it seemed to have very similar ideas, so I left it.

Indeed, there has been work done and one must give credit to families who do support their children wholeheartedly. I thought my leaflet had become redundant.

It almost goes without saying that we, as teachers, are working in a climate in which advertising and television are often in opposition to our aim of bringing out the best in children.

At the same time, there are individuals and even politicians who, in my view, should be held accountable for certain corrupting influences.

Likewise, a clarion call should have gone out from the teaching profession many years ago.

Rachel Langton 20, Windrush Close Chiswick London W4

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