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At risk at A2 level

IN the article "Fear over 2002 A-level Results" (TES, June 8) it is interesting that exam boards, "need to know if students intend to carry on to do the full A-level before they can decide if the grade boundaries are right" and are asking schools and colleges about students' intentions.

What right have exam boards to request this information? Of course there will be difficult decisions for examiners and exam boards to address, but was this not considered in all the deliberations and consultations before the introduction of the new system?

I had always assumed, in these days of rewarding achieveent, that criteria are used to ascertain success. What now?: "We'll give you a decent grade if you promise not to continue with the course, but if you carry on to A2, sorry, we can't possibly risk you doing well next year, have a lower mark for the time being."

My own daughter's choice of A2 subjects depends on the grades she gets at AS-level. If she has done well, having been asked to work 33 per cent harder than students in previous years, she wants, and deserves, to feel rewarded.

Carts and horses come to mind.

J Stocker

6 Portgate

Wigston, Leicester

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