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Robbie is a silly role model

Once again you are in danger of knocking something just for the sake of it ("Taxation can be thrilling... really", TES, October 17). Your news story implies that the "exciting" careers (footballer, pop star) are the only worthwhile ones, ignoring the fact that most young people will choose other routes, yet be equally fulfilled. You promote the idea that a career in public service is second-rate. And this from a publication that exists because thousands of us work in education.

I started my working life in the Inland Revenue, training to be a tax inspector. It was intellectually challenging and, in its own way, a service to the community. No tax... no schools... no TES!

As a head, I want to encourage my pupils to consider as many options as they can for their working life. I don't want them to think they have to be David Beckham or Robbie Williams to be fulfilled.

Paul O'Brien Headteacher The Queen Elizabeth's school Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

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