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Rochdale - Lancashire's School of Rock

A Rochdale secondary has set its sights on producing future chart-toppers by launching its own record label.

M: Records, at Matthew Moss High School, hopes to use the talents of students and staff by offering them the opportunity to record their own compositions professionally in a new media studio at the school.

"The idea came from our annual School of Rock band competitions, which try to give students who had never played an instrument before the chance to learn and perform," said Steve Lancaster, a member of the school's IT team.

"Added to this, our GCSE music students have been learning about a variety of musical genres to help spark their creativity, and this year we're focusing on soul."

Mr Lancaster, who plays guitar and drums in the school's staff band, called Blue Screen of Death, hoped the studio might give rise to new initiatives.

"We're seeking to create our very own music chart based on votes and downloads of students' tracks, and we've got several bands in the school who are keen to use the facility."

Given that Lovefilm members last week voted Jack Black's Dewey Finn character from School of Rock the best teacher in film, Mr Lancaster wasn't worried about comparisons.

"Hopefully, I'm not as overweight as the screen version," he added. DC.

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