Rock star's whiteboard riot

An unusual perspective on edu-business week from Henry Dartnall, frontman of hip band the Young Knives. Apparently he once worked for a firm supplying interactive whiteboards to education authorities, enduring a David Brent-like boss.

"He worked at a music shop in Guildford, and had done some production and, apparently had written the theme to BMX Bandits. So he felt that me and him had a lot in common," Dartnall told The Times. "At the same time (he told me) if I wanted to get somewhere in whiteboard solutions then I had to buck my ideas up."

This is perhaps not surprising given that Mr Dartnall's choice of attire is a long way from the sharp suits favoured by corporate high-fliers: in another interview he recommends clothes shops that smell "of urine, old people and cabbages"as "you can pretty much guarantee you're going to get a bargain in there".

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