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Rocky terrain

Working Together: Partnership in the Education of Geography teachers. Edited by Brian Ellis, The Geographical Association Pounds 13.50 (non-members) Pounds 9 (members)

This first publication from the Geographical Association's Teacher Education Working Group draws on case studies of secondary geography PGCE courses. It should be of interest to professional tutors and mentors in other subjects.

Working Together highlights the complexity of learning to teach. It is not enough to love one's subject, an understanding of the classroom is also essential. It covers a lot of ground in only 70 pages, much of the story being told through the words of students, teachers and tutors.

The most interesting chapters are those that explore the practical side of learning to teach. There are gems of practical advice, such as how to analyse and learn from a bad lesson, or snippets of theory such as the stages of learning that student teachers go through.

The book gives a brief taste, but leaves you wanting to know more; particularly about training, for example. The newly published standards for qualified teacher status, although touched on, are not integrated.

Andy Schofield is deputy head of Varndean School, Brighton.

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