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On a roll with bad habits

Let's face it, some teachers are pretty odd. The oddest are slowly congregating on the TES online staffroom to discuss their very peculiar end-of-term habits.

Not all are that crazy; lots of people are sleeping more, getting very drunk and trying a new hair colour, but there are a few who go overboard.

Waiting until the cleaner goes home in order to do a "HUGE HOLIDAY JOBBIE in the staff toilets... and don't flush" is lardylegs's idea of making her mark at the end of the school year. For laffal0t, throwing their work shoes straight into the bin after a tough year makes putting their feet up that bit easier.

There seems to be a growing trend here, since teachers now feel free to do whatever the hell they like. So what else are they enjoying? Discussions on the forum suggest nothing too extravagant: "Getting to drink a FULL cup of tea, as opposed to the two sips I manage to take at break time," says Eva_Smith.

Although these teachers aren't particularly flamboyant themselves, it doesn't stop them from talking about people who are, though. Joli2 reminisces of a past pupil who flew to New York for her prom dress and seagirl tells the story of a girl she knew who bought herself a dozen roses every week, just to impress visitors.

Of course, there is always the unlucky one - sillers, who planned to train for a triathlon this summer but is now injured for six weeks. "It's all in the timing ..."

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