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The romance of time travel, but you still teach

WANTED: male Asian teacher, willing to forsake the comforts of modern living to become a star of the small screen.

The makers of Channel 4's highly-acclaimed The 1900 House and The 1940s House are now seeking an Edwardian tutor to live and work in a country mansion, circa 1910.

Instead of getting to grips with a classload of new pupils in the autumn term, the teacher will be whisked away to the rural north of England and transported back almost 100 years.

With the rest of the cast, he will be shut off from all the comforts of modern life and asked to live and work as people would have done in Edwardian times.

The new historical setting requires a male Asian teacher to play a visiting frien and dignitary from India who tutors the family's 10-year-old son.

Today's law requires that this youngster be taught our modern national curriculum even though he is pretending to be from a past era. But a programme spokesman said: "The one-to-one relationship of tutor and pupil will allow the sort of time, freedom and individual attention that could only be dreamed of in today's classroom."

The post is open to male Asian teachers of any age, including newly qualified teachers, who are free to work in September and October. If chosen, they will be compensated for all loss of earnings.

Anyone interested should contact researcher Fiona Blair at Wall to Wall Television on 0207 485 7424

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