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On router

"'Are you logged on?' 'Yes.' 'I want to phone your mother.' 'You can't, I'm downloading a resource.' We had that sort of conversation all the time before we had broadband," says Mike Butler (above), deputy principal of Djanogly CTC, Nottingham. "Being able to be connected at home was vital," he says about the home he shares with Angela Abner, head of science at secondary King Edward VI.

Although broadband side-stepped the first bottleneck, the pair were still stuck with just one PC connected to the cable modem until Djanogly sponsor Toshiba chipped in with a wireless router (around pound;120) to create an instant wireless network. All they needed were wireless cards in their laptops. Now one of them can prepare lessons in the study while the other buys the week's shopping online using a Toshiba Tablet PC.

The laptops can even access the internet from the garden, assuming the British weather plays ball.

So has wireless broadband made a big difference? "Yes. Using video clips is amazing," Angela says. Like Mike, she collects internet resources for colleagues and it's no surprise they too are trying to establish their own connections.

Toshiba WRC 1000 wireless routing centre, around pound;120 from Toshiba dealers;

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