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Rural children are well aware of discrimination

I feel that I should comment on Mike Fielding's Talkback article on the increased isolation of rural children, (TES2, September 5), my experience being life on a rented farm for 30 years.

Isolation has increased in rural areas mainly due to the fear that children are at greater risk of abduction. The lack of public transport and activities for young people living in rural areas should be rectified.

But I object to the assumption that living in rural areas has a negative effect on their ability to form relationships, and reflects on their awareness of issues attached to living in a multicultural society.

Young people living in the country do have difficulties, especially with transport, but it shouldn't be assumed that they are any less aware of discrimination and oppression than anyone else. They have experienced it first-hand, often being considered as less intelligent or less aware. However, many have a coping ability developed from quality time and space that prevents them from feeling the negative effects of isolation.


Crockers Farm Twyford Dorset

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