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Safety, guidance

MAKE IT SAFE The National Association of Advisers and Inspectors in Design and Technology Pounds 3.50 from NAAIDT Publications, 16 Kingsway Gardens, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, S05 1FE

This booklet offers invaluable safety guidance for the teaching of design and technology at key stages 1 and 2. The 16 sections are clearly written and include advice, tips and information relating to the numerous aspects of DT which could present health and safety hazards. What makes the booklet useful is that it focuses on how to avoid potential problems rather than merely highlighting them.

Make it Safe is intended for use with local education authority and school health and safety policies. It should help those unsure of teaching DT get over worries that they may have about health and safety issues. Not only should every primary teacher have access to a copy, but this is a title which should be on the book list of every student teacher.

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