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The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory is one of 10 such "labs" in the US. One of its pages, at http:www.ncrel.orgsdrspathwayg.htm covers 15 issues with suggestions and extensive research references to promote school effectiveness. Under "assessment", the appropriateness of assessment for the youngest children is tackled. Those coping with baseline assessment this year in England and Wales might appreciate the reassurance that very young children have "little or no personal interest in being assessed". Essays on relevant research findings, links and further support material are provided. If you do visit, be prepared to stay for a long time.

Bookmark the North Central site at and the list of other Network pages at http:www.nwrel.orgnational The material on the assessment of young children is at http: www.ncrel.orgsdrsareasissuesstudentsearlycldea500.htm

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