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With access in German, French or English the German Institute for Pedagogic Research (DIPF) in Berlin is home to a well-presented gateway to serious educational content. The database at the heart of the site is called INES (Information on National Education Systems). The English version is at http:www.dipf. delarshtmlstart_ine.htm Reviewed and catalogued websites can be searched by country, by theme or both together. More than 80 items are listed from the United Kingdom and 36 other countries and areas are included.

Among the French sites is the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies with a version in English at vainseeindex.htm A Belgian entry led me to a delightful article by Charles Duchateau from Namur on why schools struggle to integrate new technology. Simply put, new technology is about the future, and schools are about the past. The address is http:bigbox.det. becduarticlesref2.html Readers can email suggestions on future Internet Insights to

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