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Same, but different

Your job and career questions answered

I'm having trouble getting a straight answer for this. We are going through the process of transferring to the new TLR pay system and a situation has occurred that I'm not sure whether to challenge or not. Teachers who are second in faculty for core subjects (maths, English, science) are going to be paid considerably more than teachers who are second in faculty for non-core subjects (humanities, technology) even when the faculties have the same number of teachers and students. The workload for all second in faculties appears the same. This seems grossly unfair. Should teachers in the core subjects who have management responsibilities receive a higher wage? As I teach in Wales, does this have any bearing on me?

* As you are in Wales, the staffing review doesn't have to be completed until the end of this term, unlike in England where all schools should have agreed the new structure. This is the age old question: should there be equal pay for equal work? The answer is yes. However, it's never simple. In some subjects the supply position is better than in others and heads always find ways to use the pay scales to offer more to teachers in shortage subjects. I'm mystified why a second in a technology department would be paid less than a second in an English department if the two departments were the same size and the post holders carried out the same functions. Ask for an explanation from the governors why they have adopted this policy and how they justify it. If you are still unhappy, contact your professional association on how to take the matter further.

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