Same old cynical quest for votes

It has been suggested that chief inspector Chris Woodhead ought to be paid the same as other regulators.

Perhaps he ought to be paid much more because he is unique in his ability to destroy the morale of the teaching profession before the 7am news is over.

By the time my wife leaves the house to go to the comprehensive school, which she is privileged to lead, her day has been ruined. And by the time she reaches the school she finds that the chief inspector's insults have had the same effect on her dedicated and hardworking staff.

Apart from the politicians and Mr Woodhead, who else believes that you can motivate and recruit a workforce by running them down?

Sadly, the present Government, like the last, cares first about votes and second about education.

As you say in your excellent editorial (TES, September 18) had the announcement been delayed, it would have upstaged the Tory conference.

The last Government appointed Mr Woodhead in a grubby search for the votes of Middle England and the present Government, for which I made the mistake of voting, has reappointed him for exactly the same reason.

M F Orlik, 73 Westfield Road, Birmingham

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