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Sample questions

MENTAL ARITHMETIC. Question 1Geography maps cost pound;3 each for the first 20 purchased and pound;2.70 for each additional map. What was the cost of purchasing 22 maps?

Question 2In a test a pupil scored 18 marks out of 25. What was the pupil's score as a percentage?

Question 3Last year a colour printer cost pound;180. This year the cost has increased by 5%. How much does the printer cost this year?

Question 4What is 6.03 multiplied by 100?

Data analysis

Question 1A parents' evening starts at 16:30 and finishes at 19:00. A teacher has 25 appointments with parent during this time. What is the mean time the teacher can allow for each appointment? Give your answer in minutes


Students will be played a tape giving the missing word.

Question 1

The new ___ will be ready next term. (acommodation, accommodation, accomodation, acomodation)

Question 2Mary won the competition with a ___ account of a day at the seaside. (humorous, humourous, humerus, humerous)

Question 3The trip to Lille has improved nearly everyone's French ___. (pronounciation, pronounceation, preonunceation, pronunciation)

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