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Save breath for the bicentenary

The report of chief inspector Chris Woodhead's annual lecture (TES, March 1) confirms why so many have grave doubts about the current approach of the Office for Standards in Education. In identifying his hobgoblins and foul fiends, the chief inspector has attributed views to education officers that they do not hold.

This society puts among its principal objects monitoring, inspection and professional support to secure the highest quality in education. But inspection must be objective and impartial, and not based on the apparent prejudice shown in this latest outburst.

Why do we have to have an annual lecture from the chief inspector anyway? We hear enough from him throughout the year. I suggest that the occasion for the next lecture should be the bicentenary of HM Inspectorate - the year 2039.

ANDREW COLLIER General secretary Society of Education Officers 17-21 Chorlton Street Manchester

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