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Say au revoir to Aujourd 'hui;Letter

PITY the children who learn the "end of the day" song, called "Aujourd 'hui" (TES, February 26). How they will be laughed at when they go on holiday to France or Belgium. Those poor non-specialist teachers, who try to get their tongues round all the strange words in the story of "Petit chaperon rouge".

I presume that the authors of the project are not aware that an excellent translation of the story exists in the French Ladybird series (Coccinelle). This tells the story in simple French, with full-page colour illustrations alongside each page of text.

This is a far better way of telling the story in French, as the children follow the text with pictures, not an English translation.

It really is no wonder that the English are the laughing-stock of Europe when it comes to language learning. Why not put resources into actually training primary language teachers, and give our children a real head-start?

Catherine Pennington Teacher of French at The British Primary School Vossem Belgium

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