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School helps guide tourists to island heritage sites

There are only 600 residents on Westray in northern Orkney, but the island, with its sandy beaches and rich archaeological heritage, attracts more than 10,000 visitors a year.

Now, primary pupils at Westray Junior High, which covers nursery to S4, are working on an ambitious project to provide the heritage centre with a fund-raising guide to the area.

Helen Lumsden, principal teacher in the primary department, says: "Last year, our 16 P4-7 pupils did a `Peace and Justice' cross-curriculum project, and when we were considering what to tackle this year, the idea of a brochure for Westray Heritage Centre came up - one they could sell to raise funds."

As it happened, the centre which was set up by local people as a charitable venture more than 10 years ago, had decided to approach the school with the same idea.

Westray pupils had produced a leaflet for the centre when it first opened, and all agreed it was time for an updated glossy edition.

Since the start of the summer term, the P4-7s have been hard at work on Reflections on Pierowall, a guide to the island's main village, which will highlight nine of its visitor attractions.

The pupils are not only gathering information, writing copy and producing illustrations, but also working with a graphic designer to computerise the brochure and email it to the printer, selling advertising to fund the venture and organising an official launch.

"The rest of the school and the wider community are all helping us with this project," says Ms Lumsden, "and, fingers crossed, the new brochure will be on sale in the heritage centre by the end of term."

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