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Check your assessment progress now, advises Sara Bubb, to avoid any last-minute surprises

Do you have a clear idea of how you're doing and what you need to do to meet all the 41 core standards by the end of your induction year?

It's essential - you don't want any nasty last-minute surprises. Your assessment form should give you a clear picture of your progress. Maybe it hasn't been done yet, in which case you need to ask.

This second term assessment is important. It's the last time that someone will write about your performance in depth because the third assessment form only needs signatures if you meet the standards.

There's no report at the end of your induction year in England and Wales. Scotland has a better system: new teachers have written reports at the end of terms one and three, and a brief one in term two.

It'll help your induction tutor if you make notes about yourself. The report can be written using either three headings (professional attributes, knowledge and understanding, and skills) or five themes.

These are: skills; developing practice; working within the law; developing professional and constructive relationships with pupils, parents and colleagues; and professional knowledge and understanding.

Have you been observed by your headteacher yet? It's important to get their feedback on your teaching because it's their recommendation, not the induction tutor's, that counts. I heard of one head who made an unannounced observation of a new teacher one hot afternoon in July. He went through the standards and found her wanting against most of them. So, despite the induction tutor being happy, the head recommended this poor woman did not meet the standards and should fail.

Make sure your objectives for the summer term are clear and cover all the standards you haven't demonstrated already. And don't forget that you must keep up the standards that you have met already

Sara Bubb is an expert on induction. Contact her at

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