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Schools let the abusers hunt on

CHILDREN being sexually abused by teachers are frequently ignored by the authorities, an inquiry in Canada's largest province has found.

The investigation revealed that school boards routinely "passed the trash", allowing paedophiles to "hunt again at another school".

Ontario's government and teachers' unions have pledged to support the recommendations of a 570-page inquiry report.

The most notorious case was that of convicted paedophile Kenneth DeLuca, a teacher who over 20 years was transferred from school to school witin the Sault St Marie district without his new school being informed of the allegations against him.

Mr Justice Robins, who led the inquiry, found that the actions of Sault St Marie school board officials - accusing victims of lying, blaming them for the abuse, and even threatening them with lawsuits - were "completely inadequate and, harmful".

Attorney General Jim Flaherty welcomed the report, saying that 70 per cent of the report's 101 recommendations had either already been or would be implemented within a year.

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