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Schools should be about learning

The Observer

If you wanted proof that the Labour party has severed all its links to the past you need look no further than Gordon Brown's intention, ex-pressed last week, to "bring business into the classroom".

The founders of the socialist movement and their assorted gods and gurus - the Webbs, Shaw, William Morris, Tawney, Orwell, etc. - would all of them have been turning in their graves at such a brazen betrayal of everything they ever believed in.

To these idealists who provided the Labour movement with its intellectual ballast , and whose influence survived still in the Labour party of Harold Wilson, education was an end in itself, a quasi-religious cause which had nothing to do with economics, let alone business.

Education, as believed by Blair, Brown, Blunkett, Woodhead and co., is now just a means to improve Britain's economic performance.

Richard Ingrams, June 24

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