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Schools were not accused of racism;Letter

ONE thing emerges clearly from Farrukh Dhondy's charge against the Office for Standards in Education (TES, March 19) - he has not read the report.

Had he done so he would have known that OFSTED neither used the term "institutional racism" nor accused schools or teachers of being racist.

If he had read Raising the attainment of minority ethnic pupils he would also know that it says nothing about the achievement of Chinese and Indian pupils. It refers to the achievement of black Caribbean, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Gypsy Traveller children.

It looked at how aware schools were of pupils' attainment and what steps were taken to improve it. We identified many examples of good practice. We found that progress was being impeded by inadequate monitoring of attainment and of the impact of the policies designed to raise it.

Jim Rose

Director of inspection, OFSTED

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