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Ages 10 to 11

Observe an apple decaying, as part of the QCA's micro-organisms unit, using a laptop, webcam and a lamp (left on overnight) to record progress over a three-week period.

The free webcam software allows the camera to capture a frame at your chosen rate, for example, every 20 minutes.

You need to make sure the laptop has the powersaver and screensaver turned off and is plugged into the mains. After three weeks we had a "time-lapse"

film that amazed the schoolchildren and prompted wonderful discussions.

We did the same thing previously with a digital photo taken daily and then dropped into Movie Maker, but it relied on remembering to take the photo, taking it from the same angle, not touching the apple (which was in a ziplock bag) and so on. We also linked an investigation using bread wiped in various places to the How clean is your house? TV show and came up with some great results. Who would have thought the staff toilets were that bad

Matt Shephard teaches at the Taipei British School in Taiwan

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