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Science - All eyes on the environment

What the lesson is about

This collection on "The Environment" contains a range of key stage 3 and 4 (S1-3 and S4-6) science resources relevant to teaching the environmental aspects of biology, chemistry and physics. It includes resources on renewable energy, acid rain, global warming and effects of human population growth.

How to use it

Martinblake1 has uploaded a PowerPoint which gets students to consider the reaction between limestone and sulphuric acid, leading into an experiment that helps them to understand the effects of acid rain on buildings and statues. There are opportunities to stretch pupils who complete the experiment more quickly than others.

Another PowerPoint looks at changes to the composition of gases in the earth's atmosphere, including the increase in carbon dioxide as we burn more fossil fuels (LauraHester).

Energy company E.ON has shared an interactive resource which helps students to understand the options available for using renewable energy resources in the UK. Pupils can see how a move to renewable energy may affect different stakeholders, from energy producers, to homeowners, to governments.

There are a number of games and quizzes focusing on the environmental aspects of science - there is an energy resources monopoly game, a jeopardy game looking at renewable energy and a global warming loop game, where pupils have to give the answer to the question that has gone before.

Finally, GreenTV has uploaded a series of videos showcasing environmental issues, including a video called "My mate's a primate", which looks at endangered species of monkeys and apes.

Where to find it

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