Science - On and off the wall

From the discovery of fire to the latest breakthrough in materials science, The What on Earth? Wallbook of Science and Engineering tells the story of human invention from the dawn of civilisation to the present day.

The wallbook, which is A3 in format and opens into a 2.3m-long, fully illustrated timeline, can be either read as a book or stuck to the classroom wall.

Teach your students about the people, animals and inventions that succeeded - and failed - over the centuries. On one side of the wallbook is a 10,000-year timeline linking a spectrum of achievements. On the other side, a second timeline identifies 18 breakthrough moments from ancient Greece through to the present day.

The accompanying text provides a snapshot of the achievements, discoveries and insights of scientists and engineers over the years. But you might tell your students that some knowledge was forgotten as empires faded. It was centuries before mankind rediscovered some of the science used by the Romans, for example.

The wallbook - one of four of this kind - has been developed in collaboration with experts from the Science Museum in London, England, and UK organisations the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Association for Science Education.

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