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Science - Biologists get a major boost

What the lesson is about

"AS biology games" is a collection of revision and review activities, uploaded by Richard Spencer, TES science adviser and subject leader for biology at a sixth-form centre in north-east England (username docras). Although they are targeted at AS students, they cover topics that will also be helpful for Scottish pupils.

How to use it

The "I Am a Biochemical Test" game features 18 domino-style cards which can be cut out and laminated, and used to review tests for sugars, starch, proteins and lipids. The student holding the card with the answer to the first question, then asks the question at the bottom of their card, and so on.

Biological Molecules Bingo asks students to choose eight terms from a list for their bingo card and cross them off when one of their terms is the answer to a question.

Games on enzymes include Enzyme Blockbusters, which challenges students to get across the board by answering questions; a crossword and dominoes- style card loop game. And activities to review cell membranes range from a Wheel of Fortune to a group challenge to draw and label a fluid mosaic model of cell membrane structure.

A variant of the song "It had to be you" aims to help students remember that uracil in mRNA replaces thymine in DNA. Two more songs look at the structure of the heart and how to calculate the sizes or magnification of microscopic organisms, and a speed-dating activity which can be used as a starter or plenary session involves students quizzing each other about their knowledge of key concepts of evolution.

A final game aims to revise the key concepts of evolution, based on the TV quiz You Say, We Pay.

Where to find it

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