On a science Crest

Finding a way to stop televisions wasting energy and curing osteoporosis are among the aims of Scottish school projects highlighted by the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

Today's BA Crest Science Fair is the conclusion of a UK-wide competition encouraging youngsters aged 14-19 to work on science and engineering projects.

The fair, held at the Royal Society in London, sees teams of finalists display their projects, with Scottish schools providing some highlights.

A team from Stromness Academy in Orkney worked on saving the energy wasted by TVs, video recorders and DVD players left on standby. The project looked at developing a device to switch them off using a normal TV remote control.

The Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh researched endocannabinoids, substances similar to cannabis, pictured, in that they combine with receptors in the body to affect important processes. It was found that they may offer a cure for osteoporosis.

A team from Mackie Academy in Stonehaven investigated a crucial stage in the life cycle of juvenile cod, haddock and whiting, while the High School of Glasgow and the Glasgow Academy impressed with work on secondary metabolites.

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