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This scientific adventure novel puts the Fizz into physics

Alessio Bernardelli

The novel Fizz: nothing is as it seems by Zvi Schreiber manages to present the history and principles of physics in a non-traditional and enthralling way.

Fizz is an 18-year-old girl who lives in 2110 in a community that has renounced all technology because of the terrible consequences it had for the world as a result of global warming. Science is now a forbidden discipline.

But Fizz has always had a burning curiosity about how the universe works and is ready to risk everything to satisfy her thirst for knowledge. She embarks on a dangerous journey to understand how the major scientific discoveries in history came about, facing life-threatening situations and the daunting prospect of imprisonment in her quest for knowledge. She also meets some of the greatest scientists of the past and learns how they made their discoveries.

Buried in this adventure story are the answers to how the universe works and solutions to the most puzzling phenomena in quantum physics. Each twist and turn of the plot is used as an analogy to explain a physics concept - such as the dilation of time in the theory of special relativity. Yet like any good novel the book is brimming with creative tension.

Unlike some novels, however, it also leaves you with the desire to read and learn more. The way Fizz explores the laws of physics is fascinating and a great way to pique pupils' interest. The book also gives a coherent overview of the laws of physics and the ways in which they are connected.

There are virtually no formulae, which helps learners to focus on the scientific processes and reinforces physics concepts without distracting from the intriguing plot.

Fizz will appeal to pupils not only because she is a teenager but because of her passion for physics. She may even inspire more young women to study the subject and pursue it as a career.

Alessio Bernardelli is a TES subject adviser. Fizz: nothing is as it seems is published by Zedess Publishing and is available for Kindle download

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Alessio Bernardelli

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