Science - How to get a good reaction

What is it?

This Teachers TV video collection includes all kinds of secondary science ideas for chemistry and physics. Teachers demonstrate and discuss their most inspirational lessons for KS3 (S1-3). Covering a variety of topics, they give tips and advice for delivering the lessons.

Getting started

There are lots of materials here for physics. In Physics - Radiation Officer, Year 10 pupils (S3) receive a visit from the officer, who helps them get to grips with their coursework on smoke alarms. In Physics - The Cartesian Diver, the classic cartesian diver experiment gets re-worked as a magic trick, as a class of Year 7s (P7) explore pressure and density. And in Physics - Kung Fu Physics, using the context of martial arts, Year 9 (S2) pupils investigate energy and forces to see if, theoretically, they could break a piece of wood with a karate punch.

For chemistry, there is a video on Chemistry - Thermit Reaction, where Year 9 (S2) pupils investigate the reactivity series by carrying out a safe version of it. In Chemistry - Conservation of Mass, Year 7s (P7s) explore the principle through three short experiments, and in Chemistry - Indicators, they investigate colour change and indicators.

Taking it further

A video called Learning Outside the Classroom: Secondary Science shows three trips, one to Goonhilly Earth Station, another to the National Space Centre and a third to the Field Studies Centre at Dale Fort, and inspires secondary scientists out of class for a study day.

Where to find it

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