A science lab that fits into yourpocket

Chris Drage

Want a complete answer to data-logging that is very portable, functional and user-friendly? Data Harvest's Pocket Science Lab is just that, says Chris Drage

Based on the already established and successful EasySense data-logger and a PocketPC, the Pocket Science Lab fits comfortably on the corner of a desktop, yet features the same functionality and ease-of-use as a full PC-based system. Graphs, charts and tables appear crystal clear and setting up experiments and analysing data using the PocketPC's touchscreen technology is delightfully easy. The kit is very portable and can be quickly moved from classroom to classroom while operating for hours on its rechargeable batteries. Best of all, with only a few minutes of instruction students should be ready to start work.

Traditionally, most loggers are offered with PC or Mac-based software by which they transfer data to the desktop computer for display and analysis, but with Data Harvest's EasySense Advanced you will be able to use any PocketPC simply by using the PocketPC version of the Sensing Science software. The bonus is that none of the functionality has been lost. It still offers all of the logging, display and analysis options of the capable Sensing Science software - meters, timer or the graph data-capture and analysis program, and the workroom for step-by-step experimental set-up and procedure. If that's not enough, a data file (of logged data) on the PocketPC can be transferred to the PC and loaded straight into the PC versionof the software - and vice-versa as well.

Data-logging is the most obvious area a PocketPC can be put to work in the science curriculum. Data Harvest is to be applauded for this excellent development. I am a firm believer in taking the technology to the child and not vice versa. Pocket Science Lab does just that, elegantly.

Data Harvest Pocket Science Lab

Price: pound;156 (single platform - site licence); pound;49 (multiple platform additional licence)

BETT stand: L40

Tel: 01525 373666

Email: sales@data-harvest.co.uk


Pocket Science Lab

Suitibility for purpose *****

Ease of use ****

Value for money ****

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Chris Drage

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