Science - Magic memory

Teaching techniques - numbers and shapes

What is it?

The numbershape system is an excellent introduction to memory techniques and a great way to get students hooked. You begin by converting the first 10 numbers into images. So 1 could be a paintbrush, 2 a swan, 3 a seagull, 4 a sailing boat, 5 a big hook, 6 a golf club, 7 a cliff, 8 a snowman, 9 a flag, and 10 a bat and ball.

To remember any list, for example a list of eight things you need to buy from the shop, you can imaginatively link what you have to buy with your numbershape system. The more imaginative the better. For example, if the first thing on your list is a loaf of bread, you need to link that to your image for the number 1. So you could imagine a great artist wielding his paintbrush in front of an elaborate painting of fresh slices of bread. If you do this for every item on your list, as you are trying to recall the items later you can simply go through the first, second, third and so on, picturing the imaginative link you created earlier.

Try it with your pupils and tell us what you think.


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