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Science - Physics for young tycoons

What is it?

"Physics" is a collection that introduces you to examples of the range of topics and types of resources available on the TES resources website for S1 to S6.

How to use it

For S1 to 3 there are a number of different types of resources, from Force Interactions, a lesson plan for teaching that objects fall to Earth at the same speed, regardless of their mass (uploaded by andreahlimb), to Light and Shadow Chatterbox, a VAK (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) activity that involves a bit of cutting out, followed by origami, leading to the pupils asking and answering questions on light and shadow. It's a fun way to reinforce science vocabulary and definitions (from Chris1962).

For an entertaining activity that engages all abilities, Wordy William has supplied The Atom Game to help pupils learn the importance of proton number and mass number to the structure of the atom. Pupils go around the classroom gathering information to complete worksheets pinned to the wall. Another game is Energy Resources Monopoly, uploaded by gregodowd, where players must land on power stations (hydro, nuclear or coal-fired), natural energy sources such as windfarms or geothermal geysers, and avoid jail to be in with a chance of winning.

Finally, for those working on waves in the senior school, pand has uploaded a series of five activities where small groups rotate over the course of a lesson and review different aspects of wave behaviour, such as speed, reflection, refraction and diffraction.

Where to find it

These and other secondary physics resources can be found at

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