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The science of planning

I am very unscientific and am really struggling with numeracy and science in my planning. I have had my numeracy lesson plan open all day without writing more than a couple of words. The problem is the kids in class are all good at it and I'm trying to make the work more challenging. I'm finding that the stuff I need to set is pretty much beyond me. Ditto for science. Luckily, art, literacy and RE are a doddle to plan for... Please say I'm not alone.

Talk to your colleagues - they will have resources to help you. You might even be able to trade your expertise in art, literacy and RE for support in the areas you find difficult.

It's too late for you take booster courses, which are just what you need - they're for trainee teachers only - but a friendly tutor at your local teacher training institution might let you borrow the materials. They are apparently very helpful.

Find the Teacher Resource Exchange on the internet

(, and explore their lesson plans and resources.

You could also Google for "primary numeracy" and "primary science". The support you need is all around you.

We're happy to answer your problems about any aspect of your NQT year.

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