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Science - Post-16 biology dissected

What the lesson is about

TES science adviser Richard Spencer has selected the resources featured in this collection to give teachers an introduction to the different types of materials available on the TES website for teaching AS and A-level biology. From videos to genetic investigations, they could also help Scottish teachers to engage pupils in the subject.

Getting started

For teaching evolution, bogstandardcomp has shared a link to a collection of seven videos that your pupils will find useful. With titles such as Who Was Charles Darwin? and Why Is Evolution Controversial Anyway?, they should help to make sure pupils grasp all aspects of the theory.

A good PowerPoint presentation on the structure of the heart has been shared by hmckeating. The resource has clearly-labelled diagrams to support the information given on how the heart operates. At the end of the slideshow there is a Flash animation of the cardiac cycle that brings the whole presentation together.

Claire-bear88 has created a worksheet on carbohydrates that would be useful as a revision aid, or as a lesson summary. The worksheet is unusual in the way pupils are given the answers, but need to figure out what the questions might be. This format could be customised to fit other topics in the subject field.

Taking it further

Other useful resources in this collection include a genetic engineering glossary for pupils to complete (KatyJo), a stem cell research poster (medhelp) and an ecology terminology loop card game (Duncan Rhodes).

Where to find it

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