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Teachers TV secondary science videos

Teachers TV secondary science videos

The entire Teachers TV archive is available on TES Resources, and to make things even easier they have now been put together in useful collections.

What's in it?

In the video collection for KS3 science, watch teachers demonstrate their experiments and teaching techniques.

How to use it

Show these videos to your pupils at the beginning of a lesson to bring it to life and provide some inspiration for experiments. Avoid replicating experiments at exam time by using them as revision tools.

Some examples

In the Physics - Radiation Officer video, Year 10 pupils receive a visit from a radiation officer to help them get to grips with their coursework on smoke alarms. In the Chemistry - Thermit Reaction video, Year 9 pupils investigate the reactivity series by carrying out a safe version of the thermit reaction. Find these videos and a host of others in this collection from Teachers TV.

All resources and videos are available at

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