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Teachers TV Primary Science Collection

It's easy to get bogged down gathering bite-sized biology or five-minute physics for young nutty professors. Save yourself some time, sanity and safety concerns by viewing the primary science videos from the Teachers TV archive for ideas to help you get started.

What's in it?

In this six-part collection you will find a comprehensive store of lesson ideas, videos for teaching techniques and planning, as well as five sets of lesson starters on topics such as living things, materials, light, sound and motion.

Some examples

In one video demonstrating electricity activities, watch three teachers present ideas, which include games for making circuits, electric rope, ping-pong balls to test conductivity and a novel "yes or no" game. This video comes complete with accompanying printable lesson plans.

In another video, KS1 science pupils can explore how sounds make us feel. They can watch different types of sounds being tested on an unfortunate professor's assistant, who is subjected to a shrill alarm clock, balloons popping and the dreaded vacuum-cleaner. Ask your pupils how these sounds and others make them feel.

Try these videos and resources and tell us what you think. Don't forget to remind your pupils not to try the experiments at home!

All videos are at

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